Ministry of Education & Training

The Butterfly Trust has been working with the Vanuatu Ministry of Education & Training (MOET) since 2011. It maintains a Memorandum of Understanding with the MOET to ensure all the work of the partnership fits inside the framework and strategic plans of the MOET. The Trust meets regularly with officials from the MOET.

The Trust and the MOET both intend that, in the near future, the MOET will take over responsibility for the programmes the partnership has been running. The Trust will continue to provide support by way of resourcing and administration.

The primary programme currently being run in partnership is the Health Promoting Schools programme in Malampa Province. This was an MOET initiative which had fallen into abeyance. The Trust has been assisting the MOET in Malampa to re-ignite the programme which provides health education in primary schools.

The partnership has also provided teacher training workshops for kindergarten and primary school teachers on Malekula. 

For more detail about these programmes please see the “Our Communities” pages for Penama/AmbaeMaskelyne IslandsMalekula.

For historical detail of the work of the Trust with the MOET please click on the Newsletters tab.

Working on the Health Promoting Schools programme at the Malampa Provincial Education offices
Certificate award following teacher training course, Maskelyne Islands