Delightful children from Namaru Primary School

We were overwhelmed by the warmth and hospitality of students and staff during our brief visit to Namaru Primary School in the early morning of 2 August 2011. We were greeted by a surprise school assembly and flag raising ceremony. After a welcome address by Head Teacher Mr Christie, the children sang. We gave a short address in turn and then handed out a small gift pack of stationery to each student. It was time for classes to begin. Year 3 teacher Miss Jennifer invited us to attend her English lesson. The little ones recited a poem at the top of their lungs. Classroom facilities may be basic but with so much colour and vibrancy in the children’s presence, the atmosphere (if not the classroom itself) lit up at once. Very humbling.”

The Butterfly Trust has provided solar power and lights for the classrooms at this small rural school on the island of Avock. Read more.


Snapshots of the Maskelynes

Vanuatu has, in the past, been voted the “World’s Happiest Nation” twice in a row by the United Nations. Ni-Vans have a very special quality about them. For anyone intending to visit Vanuatu, it’s well worth making the additional effort to venture into the outer islands such as the Maskelyne group. Facilities may be basic and people live a subsistence lifestyle, but smiles abound.