Less excess, more equality – sharing the world’s resources equitably

The Butterfly Trust received New Zealand charitable status in February 2009. The Trust is dedicated to working with, and for, all people in accordance with the charitable purposes laid out in its Trust Deed.

The butterfly was chosen to represent us because it symbolises transformation, hope, freedom, beauty, and the fact that small ripples can create large waves!

Our aim is to support developing communities in attaining improved standards of living, primarily by facilitating access to education and primary health-care.

Our vision and mode of achieving this vision

Many of us are conscious of the various factors contributing to disparities in wealth. In an ideal world, these disparities would not exist. The Trust’s vision is a world without inequalities of wealth and opportunity.

While the Trust seeks to promote the equitable sharing of the world’s resources, at the same time, it seeks to encourage a re-acquaintance with the deeper meaning of abundance, that profound happiness, that contentment in simplicity, that is often apparent in people regardless of external wealth and social status.

To realise our vision we first attempt to create platforms for meaningful dialogue, and secondly, we encourage the sharing of resources between cultures.

We strive to be a bridge between cultures over which resources, both material and non-material, can flow, in both directions.

Our working principles

  • We place 100% of donations directly into projects. No deductions are made from donations to cover administrative costs. However, a proportion of funds raised at fundraising events, as distinct from pure donations, will be applied towards administrative costs.
  • We facilitate projects that are initiated or directed by people from the communities we support, consulting closely with them prior to commencement and obtaining feedback and guidance on an ongoing basis.
  • We believe in empowering individuals with skills and knowledge to ensure sustainability and independence from the need for indefinite aid.
  • We implement systems to ensure recipients account for funds and provide feedback to the Trust and its sponsors.
  • We make an effort to self-evaluate and monitor the impact of our work on the communities we work with. We are aware that introducing values from our world can affect the dynamics and indigenous values and customs of these communities. 
  • We approach projects aware of the need to be flexible and make changes and adjustments when necessary.
  • We recognise the value of team work. The Trust works with like-minded organisations, both large and small, as well as individual and group volunteers to coordinate efforts and share expertise and resources.


Find out how you can get involved by donating towards Trust projects, volunteering in various capacities and increasing our network of supporters.