Strength in numbers

In its work, the Butterfly Trust draws on experience, support, advice and generosity from many quarters. We proudly acknowledge all our sponsors and partners who come with a diverse range of strengths and skills. 
Click on each logo or name to visit their websites or facebook pages. (Note that some of our island supporters may not have an internet presence.)

Primary partners

Partner organisations

Supporters and Sponsors

- Charitable Donors -

Batis Seaside Bungalows, Maskelyne Islands
Malog Bungalows, Maskelyne Islands
Lamap Ocean View Guest House
Seachange Lodge, Port Vila

- Operations and Administrative support -

- Supporters & Sponsors of Dental Outreach Work -

- Cruisers' Roll Call -

Rireana sailing to the Maskelyne Islands

There is a bond between sailors which arises from the shared highs and lows of sailing the world’s oceans and seas. The sailors we have met are resourceful, skillful, determined, and respectful of their environment and the people who inhabit the lands they visit. Many of these sailors have assisted the work of the Butterfly Trust and we would like to thank them all.