Football is a popular game throughout Vanuatu. In the Maskelynes, men risk injury to their ankles every time they kick a ball on the grassy sports field at Sangalai Centre School. Looking deceptively even, this pitch is no lawn. It is ridden with crab holes and players literally have to dodge the occasional chickens crossing their path. Friendly matches are played on dirt tracks adjoining villages using makeshift goal posts constructed from tree branches. Proper footwear and balls are scarce. Any gifts of these items have been well received in the past and shared amongst the various villages.

The Trust is therefore delighted to announce its partnership with the Auckland City Football Club (ACFC) on the occasion of the club team’s Super City derby 3-1 win against Waitakere United on Saturday 4 February 2012. This followed a successful and colourful fundraising effort at ACFC grounds, raising $920 from raffle ticket sales. ACFC then generously made a further contribution to cap the day’s takings to $1000. To top it off, the club has also agreed to organise donations of playing kits, training gear and equipment on behalf of communities in Vanuatu.

Read the report by ACFC’s Media Manager at the club’s official website at

Butterfly Trust applauds the tremendous effort and enthusiasm displayed by all members of ACFC who have so generously created a platform for further projects and opportunities to benefit communities in rural Vanuatu. We are grateful to the Chairman and management team at ACFC, organisers of the raffle prizes as well as everyone involved with media and communications. We also thank our volunteer ‘butterflies’ who flitted amongst the crowd selling raffle tickets and promoting the work of the Trust with much grace and humour.

As a result of publicity generated following this week’s media release, the Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) has expressed its ‘thanks’ to both organisations. Link to the Vanuatu Football Federation’s website.

Lambert Maltock, President of VFF says, “On behalf of Vanuatu Football Federation and the football of our humble nation, we wish to entend to both organisations and those directly responsible for this help, our most sincere and utmost gratitude. Indeed, such a kind act of generous assistance was unexpected and we are truly grateful for this thoughtfulness. I am sure those intended beneficiaries would be truly happy to receive this help.”

The same report can also be viewed at the website of The Vanuatu Daily Post, the country’s daily newspaper. Link to the Vanuatu Daily Post website.

The Auckland City team has played against several Vanuatu teams, namely Tafea, Port Vila Sharks and Amicale in the Oceania League since 2007.  The upcoming match between Auckland City and Amicale takes place at the PVL Stadium in Port Vila on Saturday 31 March.


Photographs taken at the Auckland City Football Club Raffle Ticket Fundraiser on 4 February 2012, 47 Kiwitea Street, Sandringham, Auckland, New Zealand. Credit to Shane Wenzlick and Marc Peretic-Wilson.

Maskelynes’ photographs taken by the Butterfly Trust in July 2011.

Futbal long Maskelyne