Images of Damage from Cyclone Pam

Memorial service

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Assessment of Building Damage on Tanna

Classrooms of Lamenaura Primary

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Needs Assessments on Epi, Paama & Ambrym

Leaving Vila for Epi and Paama

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Needs Assessment Maskelyne Islands

Discussing where to land

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Transporting Donations from NZ to Vanuatu

Garage storage in Auckland

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Akhamb Island Emergency Relief

Safety before helicopter arrives

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Emae & Mataso Islands Clothes & Stationery Distribution

Loading SY LLyr in Port Vila

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Stationery for Kindergartens on Tongoa

Thank you

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Fundraising Events

Crazy Hat Day at Ponsonby Primary School

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Oral Health Education & Dental Treatment


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Medical – Malekula & Port Vila

House visit

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Build Back Safer Education Pango


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