2011 season in the Maskelyne Islands, Vanuatu – a photo tour


Butterfly Trust supports the attainment of secondary school education for boys and girls from all villages in the Maskelynes.


Recipients of the 2011 Butterfly Trust School Fee Subsidies. Every boy and girl in the Year 8 class at Sangalai Centre School will receive a contribution towards the fees for his and her first year of secondary school in 2012.


Helping Sangalai Centre School with new teachers’ accommodation

Sangalai Centre School caters to the primary education of boys and girls from Years 1 to 8. In 2011, there were 220 students and 10 teachers.


2011 Sangalai Centre School class photographs with their teachers. Not pictured is Madame Claris who teaches French to all levels.



 Vocational training skills at the Uliveo Workshop